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The latest news in the transportation industry

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USA Transportation Company



Freight transportation increases the value of goods by moving them to locations where they are worth more and encourages competition and production by extending the spatial boundaries of commodity and labor markets. Freight transportation also stimulates demand for goods and services and employs millions of people


Who We Serve

Construction & industrial companies, oil & gas steel pipe of all sizes, for domestic oil and gas exploration and production: automotive companies and a wide range of industries across the board.

USA Transportation Company


Satellite Communication & Tracking

Our satellite and communication tracking can improve the efficiency of passenger and goods transport and ease congestion on the network, reducing greenhouse emissions and air pollution. In addition, we enable drivers and vehicles to operate more efficiently.

Supply Chains

Supply chains are the mechanisms by which products and the raw materials from which products move from their source to the consumer. In recent decades, supply chains have become much more sophisticated. In part, this is because they are often longer: raw materials, components, and finished products now move between continents before reaching the consumer. It is also because businesses have become much more concerned about the efficient management of those chains. They have come to understand that the competition is not between individual companies but between supply chains, including many businesses. As a result, the most efficient supply chain will deliver a product to the consumer at the lowest cost.

53′ Flatbed Conestoga

 53 STEP DECK Conestoga

Double Drop Conestoga


Open flatbed & Dry van

Our Equipment 

Featuring fully retractable Conestogas in the sizes: 48' - 53' x 102" - 104" wide (closed) x 8' tall with a weight limit of 45,000 pounds. All trailers equipped with 100% air ride as well as 24/7 GPS satellite tracking

The Conestoga trailer is one that stands out from the traditional flatbed. While it’s still in the flatbed family because it can be loaded from the front, back, top, or sides, the Conestoga comes with a durable sliding tarp system designed to protect freight in transit. This type of trailer is commonly used to carry heavy or sensitive loads that need security and protection from the elements.



 High Tech



Dies & Molds

 Robotics, Steel

& Metal

Industries we Serve

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